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China Construction Second Engineering Bureau inspected and accepted the G plot project of Qingdao Wanda Plaza Yacht Industrial Park

Time of issue: : 2019-05--29 Number of views : 14
On April 10, 2019, a group of 6 people from China Construction Second Engineering Bureau came to our company to inspect and accept the G plot project of Qingdao Wanda Plaza Yacht Industrial Park. In 2013, China Construction Second Bureau undertook the construction of Qingdao Wanda Yacht Industrial Park project, mainly high-rise residential buildings, with a total construction area of ​​3.2 million square meters. In March 2016, our company signed the Qingdao Wanda Plaza Yacht Industrial Park D plot project with the Second Engineering Bureau of China. Plot E of Qingdao Wanda Plaza Yacht Industrial Park. In February 2018, our company and China Construction Second Bureau signed In 2019, our company won the bid again and signed the G plot project of Qingdao Wanda Plaza Yacht Industrial Park with China Construction Second Bureau. This project is the fourth time that our company has cooperated with China Construction Second Engineering Bureau. During the visit and inspection of our company, the senior leaders of the company said that they were concerned about the aluminum formwork quality of our company’s previous two cooperations, and the verticality and flatness of the wall after demoulding. And after-sales service has been highly recognized, and we are full of confidence in our company's overall strength, corporate culture, and our future development. We will continue to establish in-depth and lasting cooperative relations with our company in the future. On the same day, the engineering acceptance personnel went to the assembly site of Maxtorin, checked the engineering drawings with our technicians, and conducted key inspections on the details of the joints, height difference, and surface flatness between the templates. The pre-assembly passed the customer successfully. Acceptance, will be packaged and sent to the construction site.
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Product quality determines corporate efficiency

Time of issue: : 2017-08--28 Number of views : 0
Improve concepts and strengthen self-management, standardize processes and improve process quality. Grasp the training and refine the work standards, strengthen the responsibility and strictly control the pass down. -------slogan With the resounding publicity slogan, Maxtorin Aluminum Formwork organized the "Quality Month" activity. During the quality month event, we were divided into three stages: publicity, implementation, and summary, and we evaluated the merit award, excellent quality cadre award, and quality model award. Through activities, we are creating a good environment where all employees care about and value quality. Through on-site management, standardizing process operations, optimizing standards, and implementing training, operators can achieve "three inspections, three selfs, and one control" (self-inspection, mutual inspection, special inspection, self-inspection of products, and self-differentiation of qualified and unqualified products. , Make your own labels, control product quality in strict accordance with the requirements) quality awareness, standardize the quality management assessment system, and strive to provide users with better products. Our company is like a machine, made up of thousands of components with different functions. And our employees in each position are small parts. Only when we play our respective roles can we guarantee the normal operation of this machine and produce good quality products. But how can we let everyone use their motivation as much as possible to work hard for the company? I think it depends on a responsibility, a sense of identity for the post. We often talk about "responsibility" at work, but once we have difficulties or problems, "responsibility" is often left behind. For example, some workers made the mistake of empiricalism in their work. They blindly processed the drawings without fully understanding the drawings. As a result, the processing of the workpiece was scrapped. There are also some masters who only take care of their own processes, regardless of whether the next process is completed easily and quickly. Therefore, through the quality month activities, employees can achieve the following two points: First, it is necessary to strengthen the awareness of quality responsibility of all employees and strengthen the concept of self-inspection. Most of the front-line workers do not have a strong sense of quality management, thinking that they only need to do their own things, and management has nothing to do with them. This has caused the decoupling of quality awareness in all links. Therefore, it is very necessary to instill the sense of quality responsibility in the grassroots level and pass it down level by level. The complex theories should be popularized, so that they are easy to understand and meet the tastes of workers, so that they can listen and remember. , I can grasp it. Only in this way can we implement the process discipline of next-order inspection and upper-order inspection and mutual inspection of each process. The second is to earnestly strengthen the responsibility of quality accountability and encourage employees to conduct mutual inspections. Look at the relationship between quality and responsibility in a dialectic way. Quality is the arrow that strikes and responsibility is the bow. Only the bow's elasticity can shoot an invincible arrow. It is not only our Maxorin Aluminum Formwork Technology Company, but every employee of the entire group company tensioned a string, stretched a bow, and made concerted efforts to shoot the arrow of "creating fine products and contributing to the society".
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Maxorin Aluminum Formwork Bright Sword Bauma China 2016 (Shanghai)

Time of issue: : 2017-06--22 Number of views : 0
From November 22nd to 25th, the biennial Bauma China 2016 (Bauma Show) held at the Shanghai New International Expo Center has finished its curtain perfectly. Bauma China 2016 is a world-class event for the construction machinery, formwork and scaffolding industries, bringing together more than 3,000 exhibitors at home and abroad. Shandong Maxolin Aluminum Formwork Engineering Technology Co., Ltd. launched new pull tabs, independent support system aluminum alloy formwork products, and 7×7 model houses that were stunningly displayed at the W3.248 booth, attracting many visitors and fully demonstrating the "high efficiency" "Aluminum formwork system intelligent manufacturing" advantage. Under the guidance of Vice Chairman Zhang Jiahai, General Manager Wang Zhenbao, and Liu Hui, Director of Sales Department, as well as the hard work of all exhibitors, Maxtorin’s booth visits and consultants were in an endless stream. The number of brochures issued was as many as 1,000. More than 400 business cards related to the construction industry at home and abroad. Among them, many foreign clients including K.U.S Holdings, Malaysia Yin Chooi & Sons Construction Sdn Bhd, Sudent Swasta Sdn Bhd, Thailand RPP Project, Philippines SAFECON CONSTRUCTION, Inc, etc., conducted on-site consultation and expressed their intention to cooperate. On the 22nd, the Indonesian ZZF company sent the Gambar SD project drawings on the same day to request a quotation. Maxorin aluminum formwork has been widely recognized worldwide for its advanced technology, craftsmanship and production process; on the 23rd, accompanied by Vice Chairman Zhang Peiyi and Vice President Zhang Daoxian, received the Executive Vice President of Jiangsu Jiangdu Construction Group Co., Ltd. Mr. Qiao Jun (United States), and introduced to him that Maxtorin aluminum formwork relies on the unique advantages of Conglin Group in product design, process, performance, service, etc., and hopes that Mr. Qiao Jun will rely on his own influence in the construction industry at home and abroad , To increase the brand awareness of Maxtorin and Conglin Group, and to bring more high-quality customers to Maxtorin aluminum formwork; on the 25th, under the reception of Sales Manager Liu Hui and regional manager Lin Zuwei, domestic customers and our company The signing of a cooperation agreement brought a successful conclusion to the success of the entire exhibition. "Innovation and high-efficiency technology to stimulate high-efficiency productivity" is the responsibility and obligation of Maxolin; "Opening the path of innovation and making green dreams" is the unremitting pursuit of Maxolin. By participating in the Bauma China 2016, Maxolin has obtained the opportunity to have face-to-face communication with domestic and foreign customers, which is conducive to Maxolin’s understanding of the aluminum formwork market distribution, development space, market potential, and market competitiveness, and do a good job Market positioning. While increasing the brand awareness and influence of Conglin Group and Maxolin aluminum formwork, it also laid the foundation for expanding the market and accelerating the promotion of green building materials.
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